10 Gigabit Fiber Network

Fiber Ring

We offer the most advanced Internet technology currently available in Fort Collins: FRII Fiber. Our fiber ring utilizes Platte River Power Authority underground cable to enable the fastest, most reliable network in Northern Colorado. Our self-healing 10 gigabit fiber network can provide all the speed your enterprise needs. Plus, our redundant fiber terminates from several rings at our local facility to ensure connectivity in the event of a fiber breakage.

24x7 NOC Support for Your 10 Gigabit Fiber Network

If you encounter any issues with your FRII Fiber service, the team of technicians in our Network Operations Center is available 24/7 to assist you.

10 Gigabit Fiber Network Technical Specifications

  • Close to zero latency
  • Speeds of 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps
  • Fully synchronous download/upload
  • 24x7x365 local support and network monitoring
  • Access to two independent 10 Gbps Internet connections delivered right to your office
  • No wait time; speed upgrades are implemented the same day they are requested

How can a 10 gigabit fiber network give you a business advantage?

It’s not Comcast, it’s not CenturyLink, and it’s not from a wireless provider. It’s FRII Fiber. If you're considering fiber, our team of sales engineers can customize a solution to meet your organization’s evolving needs. Contact us today to learn more.

For Details & sales information, contact our Sales Department

sales@frii.net | 970.212.0713