Monthly Archives: April 2017

5 Tips for Choosing a Web Hosting Provider

If your company is like most, your website is one of the most valuable assets you own. Not only is it a key marketing tool, it may also be used for communication, education, resource storage, and other purposes. When your website goes offline, your business goes offline. Consequently, it’s critical that you do your research…
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The True Cost of Data Center Downtime & the Need for Disaster Recovery Capabilities

When you think about a business having one (or more) of the servers in its data center go down, what comes to mind? Most people will say angry customers and lost revenue. Companies will almost certainly have to contend with these consequences. But the potential overall cost of a data center outage can be much,…
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Colocation Server Hosting vs. Managed Hosting

It's generally common knowledge that every business needs a website, and every website needs a domain and hosting. Typically, most people and businesses select a shared hosting account, which means that many users share space on a single server. There are a couple additional options: Colocation server hosting and managed hosting. Colocation Server Hosting Is…
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