Our Values


Both the company and individual employees acknowledge and assume accountability for all we do.


We encourage open, honest and frequent communication within the company and with our customers, vendors, partners and the communities in which we live and operate.


Fort Collins and the Front Range is our home. The company started here. The employees live here. We want to help create and maintain a healthy, vibrant community that we all enjoy.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

FRII encourages innovation and welcomes change as an integral part of our growth.


We deliver top quality products and services and strive for the best in all we do.

Health and Wellbeing of Employees

FRII understands that the emotional and physical well-being of its employees is important and encourages healthy actions and work-life balance.


Honor in all things. Neither the company nor its employees engage in deceptive practices. Promises are kept, and ethics are valued.

Ownership and Empowerment

This, along with accountability, encourages employees to go beyond accepting responsibility by encouraging employees to act. Employees take initiative to serve, build, improve, and correct.


In all we do, we show enthusiasm, pride, and dedication. To this end, we love when customers bring us challenging questions and problems to answer and solve.


We respect all employees, customers, vendors, and partners, and recognize that each person plays a vital role to our success. Respect is shown in how we treat each other and in our contributions.


We know that we do not exist without customers. We believe that delivering top-notch customer service and support is a key way of acknowledging this.