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When Natural Disasters Strike: The Importance of Disaster Recovery Preparation

Disaster recovery capability can be critical in many scenarios— everything from an equipment failure to a cyber attack. However, as we’ve seen with the recent devastating floods in Texas and Louisiana caused by Hurricane Harvey, natural disasters pose the biggest challenge to business continuity. The safety of the people impacted by the storm is, of…
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Leading Fort Collins Internet Provider Shares a Brief History of the Web

For people under 40 years of age, it’s probably difficult to remember a time before the world wide web. And, for the younger people in that group it is, of course, impossible. Whatever your age, we are all so reliant on the internet, it's hard to imagine life without it. As a leading Fort Collins internet…
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Northern Colorado Internet Provider Shares Ransomware Dos and Don’ts

Not long ago “ransomware” was a term that few outside of IT security circles had ever heard. However, a number of recent ransomware attacks have brought this form of cybercrime to every computer user’s attention. As a leading Northern Colorado internet and email hosting provider, we encourage all of our clients to follow best practices…
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Top 6 Factors to be Aware of with Colocation Server Hosting

Your server is likely the most important piece of equipment your company owns. It’s the nerve center for everything you do, from communicating with one another to creating, storing, and sharing work output. Consequently, it’s critical that you take care of it properly. Unfortunately, creating and maintaining the ideal conditions for your server can be…
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