Does Your Fort Collins Internet Provider Deliver Great Tech Support?

For people looking for fast, reliable Fort Collins internet, FRII is an excellent choice. But just as critical as the quality of our internet, colocation, disaster recovery and other services are, their technical support is just as important. When a problem arises, you want your provider to respond promptly and resolve the issue quickly, keeping…
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A Brief Intro to Ethernet and Custom Wireless Ethernet

You’ve probably heard the term “Ethernet cable.” Or at least you have if you were involved with computers before the wireless revolution! But what exactly is Ethernet? And what is custom wireless Ethernet? Read on for a quick intro. What is Ethernet? Technically speaking, Ethernet is a collection of networking technologies that allow computers to…
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When Natural Disasters Strike: The Importance of Disaster Recovery Preparation

Disaster recovery capability can be critical in many scenarios— everything from an equipment failure to a cyber attack. However, as we’ve seen with the recent devastating floods in Texas and Louisiana caused by Hurricane Harvey, natural disasters pose the biggest challenge to business continuity. The safety of the people impacted by the storm is, of…
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