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Top 6 Factors to be Aware of with Colocation Server Hosting

Your server is likely the most important piece of equipment your company owns. It’s the nerve center for everything you do, from communicating with one another to creating, storing, and sharing work output. Consequently, it’s critical that you take care of it properly. Unfortunately, creating and maintaining the ideal conditions for your server can be…
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Colocation Server Hosting vs. Managed Hosting

It's generally common knowledge that every business needs a website, and every website needs a domain and hosting. Typically, most people and businesses select a shared hosting account, which means that many users share space on a single server. There are a couple additional options: Colocation server hosting and managed hosting. Colocation Server Hosting Is…
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Disaster VPS Recovery

When I say, 'Disaster VPS Recovery', as a business owner, what do you think? Perhaps it is something along the lines of, 'Does my current provider back up my data properly?' or 'Did I select that package with my current web host?' or maybe it's simply, 'What is Disaster VPS Recovery and do I need…
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