A Brief Intro to Ethernet and Custom Wireless Ethernet

You’ve probably heard the term “Ethernet cable.” Or at least you have if you were involved with computers before the wireless revolution! But what exactly is Ethernet? And what is custom wireless Ethernet? Read on for a quick intro. What … Read More

What is the Cloud?

We have all seen the TV commercials boasting about the speed and reliability of the cloud, but what s it really? Essentially, the cloud is nothing more than an abstract idea for hosting files on the Internet. Put another way, … Read More

How Net Neutrality Affects You

There has been a lot of discussion about net neutrality lately, but it’s a topic that can be difficult to understand. This article briefly looks at the recent background (why it’s in the news), and both sides of the debate. … Read More

Spam Prevention

What is Spam? When FRII talks about spam (in the context of email), we’re referring to emails that are both unsolicited and bulk. For your convenience, here is a more technical definition from Spamhaus.org, a reputable anti-spam protection organization: An … Read More