Cloud, Circuits and Colocation – A few tech terms from the FRII-clopedia


You’re reading at home, when your wife asks you to put a few priceless pictures she just of your newborn baby on the cloud so she can save them for a lifetime of memories. Ever wonder where those files go, and what “the cloud” really is? Meet VPS, or Virtual Private Server. VPS is like a virtual parking lot for your files. Instead of having dedicated hardware at your location, VPS hosting allows you to store your information on a larger, physical server. For businesses, it’s a way to add space as you need it, reduce overhead costs, and ensure uptime.


No, we’re not talking about jumping jacks and lunges. Computer circuits and circuit boards act like a nervous system inside of your computers and mobile devices. Like in a human body, they connect the dots to make all interactions happen, from everything that you see on your computer screen, to every time you move your mouse.


Probably a word you’ve heard, but… Colocation, colocation server hosting, or colo, offers both safety and enhanced performance by providing access to a physical location for a customer’s hardware and software. Colocation data centers are properly cooled, and equipped with the power, bandwidth and physical security to store your data, host your websites, and provide total peace of mind.

FRII Fort Collins internet, VPS and Colocation Server Hosting

While it may sound intimidating, at FRII we’ve got you covered with a state-of-the-art Network Operations Center staffed with technicians available to assist you anytime, day or night, 365 days a year. Our fully redundant and extremely high-speed connections to multiple Internet backbone networks give you scalability and cost effectiveness for your bandwidth needs.

The bottom line is you want your technology to work, and you have no time for downtime. If you’re looking for a full-service Fort Collins internet provider that serves Northern Colorado, Colorado and beyond with trusted VPS or colocation server hosting, be sure to contact FRII today!

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