Why Internet Slowdown Day Matters

If certain large carriers get their way, many sites may load slower for consumers. Your Internet connection might look like it is slower than normal today, Wednesday, September 10, 2014. This is due to an online, grassroots protest called Internet Slowdown Day. Your connection will be working just fine, but many sites -- including top web sites such as Google, Netflix, Amazon, and Reddit -- will be showing a constant loading symbol.

Why are they doing this? To gain the public’s attention regarding the on-going net neutrality debate. (see our earlier post: How Net Neutrality Affects You)

The goal of Internet Slowdown Day is to have the masses contact their member of Congress and push the FCC to support Title II reclassification.

The FCC will be accepting public comments on the topic through today. After that, the FCC will finalize the decision about Open Internet.

Advocates for Title II reclassification (treating Internet providers as Common Carriers, much as telephone providers are) want it enforced, as it regulates against paid prioritization. Some view it as the best option currently on the table.

Those against Title II reclassification argue that the framework is not appropriate for today’s dynamic technology.

Whichever side of the net neutrality debate you’re on, you can make your voice heard by submitting a comment to the FCC using:

or send a comment directly to openinternet@fcc.gov

Proceeding Number: 14-28
Name of Filing: Protecting and Promoting the Open Internet

Do you think Internet Service Providers should be considered common carriers? Tell us why or why not in the comments.