Next generation Internet

Have we outgrown our Internet?

Are there options people have for usage other than the current options available to us today? What happens when all the members of the city reach its maximum use of the Internet with the current systems in place? We live in a world where we are dependent on Wi-Fi for almost everything we do. From work to play, the Internet in the communal heartbeat that keeps us going. Soon everyone will everyone be on Fiber Optic Internet.

We have shifted into the digital revolution.

Every business depends on internet and our way of work has shifted from the factory model of making products to technical solutions. In America our corporations produce very little goods compared to a few decades ago, and the companies that have products are utilizing the internet to have them sourced across seas. People are creating their own online businesses to sell their niche products. How much Internet does that use?

Home use is astronomical with gaming, remote working, and streaming TV.

American gamer claims in 2016, there are “1.7 gamers in every house and two hands on every controller. Moreover, “Online gamers spend 6.5 hours a week on average playing with others.”

Remote working includes accessing servers and files across our internet connections and sending a plethora of emails.
Our last blog talked about TV streaming habits. On a monthly average, we are streaming 76 hours and 55 minutes per month.

Holy Wi-Fi, how do we maintain this high use?

Fort Collins is proposing a broadband network.

This could mean private entities partnering with the city to provide you Fiber Optic Internet. FRII has already made it a point to Get Fast. FRII's fiber ring utilizes existing Platte River Power Authority underground cable to enable the fastest, most reliable network in Northern Colorado. Our self-healing 10 Gigabit fiber rings provide your enterprise all the speed you need. Plus, our redundant fiber terminates from several rings at our local facility to ensure connectivity in the event of a fiber breakage.
Keep up with your Internet demands by making the switch to the future of Fiber Optic Internet. Learn about Getting Fast >

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