Northern Colorado Internet Provider Makes Predictions About the Web

Northern Colorado Internet Provider Makes Predictions About the Web

Recently we blogged about the history of the internet. The world wide web has come a long way since its humble beginnings in the 1960s. And at the rate that it’s evolving, you have to wonder what it will be like in 15 or 20 years. Nobody knows for sure, of course, but as a Northern Colorado internet provider that has been in the business for many years, we have some educated guesses.

Where the Web will be in 2037

Here are some developments that we think will likely occur in the next few decades:

  • Today’s blazing fast speeds will seem slow. The top internet speeds of today, like those we provide to our customers, will be eclipsed many times over. Downloading even the largest files will be essentially instantaneous.
  • You will no longer “connect” to the internet. Rather than taking any action to “access” the internet, your devices will be immersed in it at all times. And there will be no place on the planet where there is not full strength, fully reliable, blazing fast internet service.
  • The “internet of things” will include just about everything. Today there are many types of devices that “talk” to the web. But in 20 years, virtually everything that is powered will be an element of the IoT.
  • Privacy will be extremely valuable. It was once hard to get reliable internet access. In the future it may be challenging to get reliably unplugged for any amount of time.
  • We’ll need to replace the “world” in world wide web. As humans start spending more time on orbiting space stations or even on Mars, the world wide web will extend well beyond our world.
  • The internet will be self-healing and therefore more reliable. As a leading Northern Colorado internet provider, we’re proud of our record of providing extremely reliable service. But as the internet gets “smarter,” it will have the ability to immediately detect and correct problems, or even anticipate trouble before it occurs.
  • We’ll start to win the battle against cyber criminals. Companies do a fairly good job of staying ahead of the digital bad guys today. But as the internet becomes even more central to our lives, we’ll have to find ways to make it even safer.
  • Virtual reality and augmented reality will be everywhere. There are some great VR experiences to be had today in areas like online gaming. But in the future, the internet will be the gateway to an array of new uses of the technology, from business to healthcare and beyond.

Ready or Not...

The future is coming faster all the time. If you want to keep up, you should talk with us about our Northern Colorado internet services. We can keep you ahead of the technology curve. Get in touch using the Contact Us form. You can also stop by our facility or call us at 800-935-6527.