FRII’s Network Solutions strive to provide clients with cost-effective, forward looking results to address current and future needs.


Our Network Solutions services are the culmination of years of experience on major projects in fiber-based communities and work with major corporations such as Microsoft and Hewlett Packard.


Information Technology

FRII brings extensive experience in managing, designing, implementing, management and support networks for a client base infrastructure and provide high bandwidth connectivity.

This includes the ability to review current IT environments and develop operational process and procedures to optimize productivity, reducing operational costs for clients. Current IT environments have become more complex due to a mismatch of hardware and software solutions. Understanding the lifestyle of these environments is our strong suit.

Our involvement in design starts at the ground floor in the detailed design of buildings - from large data centers and multi-use, multi-tenant facilities and planned communities – to the project management and design of necessary environmental and disaster recovery systems, as well as security and audio-visual solutions’.

Large Scale Networking

Focused on high-density bandwidth, FRII leads the industry in delivering optimally integrated solutions across varied network topologies. We provide a seamless pathway for voice, data, video, Internet, security, irrigation and other customer needs.

Our extensive experience with broadband wireless and satellite communications have been proven on our Hawaii, California, Colorado and international projects, demonstrating development and negotiation of long term contracts unmatched in the industry.

Management Information Systems

With more than three decades of experience, we help companies evaluate their MIS environment and decision support systems. We provide development planning with unbiased recommendations that include changes to systems, processes and, in some cases, organization structure.

MIS systems are directly linked to workforce productivity and well-engineered systems provide a level of optimization that improves the overall bottom line.

High Speed Internet

FRII’s Metro Ethernet offers reliable, flexible and scalable Internet to meet your business needs. We offer guaranteed upstream and downstream data transmission with 99.999 percent SLA availability and speeds from 3MBps to 1GBps.

We partner with several tier 1 suppliers from our state-of-the-art data center in Fort Collins, Colo. With redundant connections and on-site backup generators, our service stays online and our scalable options mean we can adapt to changes in your bandwidth profile at any time.

10 GB Fiber Network

Offering the most advanced internet technology available in Fort Collins via Copper (EOC) or optical (MOE) fiber, our fiber ring utilizes Platte River Power Authority underground cable to give you the fastest, most reliable network in northern Colorado. Our self-healing, 10 GB fiber network provides all the speed your enterprise needs. Plus, our redundant fiber terminates from several rings at our local facility to ensure connectivity if a fiber break occurs.

With close to zero latency, FRII offers speeds of 10 MBps to 10 GBps, access to two independent Internet connections delivered right to you and no wait time – when you request a speed upgrade, we can implement it the same day if necessary.

Backed by partner agreements with multiple Tier 1 and Tier 2 upstream providers, we have flexible solutions that are always on to meet your needs.

"In the development of Centerra, a 3,000-acre master planned community in Colorado, we are continually looking for a way to differentiate ourselves. Garry was incredibly solutions-driven in his design of our ‘Centerra Fiber Network’, which provide inexpensive redundant fiber to various product types in the community. It is with this network we continue to provide something our competitors don't yet have, while making sure we take great care of our current clients be finding new ways to add value."
Jay Hardy
Vice president and general manager of North Park, McWhinney
"Garry Myall is a one person ‘get it done’ squad. He has been fantastic to work with. Garry can quickly solve problems, present solutions in plain language that a non-tech person can understand, and get results that senior management can appreciate. His follow-through is always good. Garry also understands budget and presents options for you to review. All in all, a great resource I would always return to."
Kurt Matsumoto
General manager of The Club and Kukui’ula