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These days there are more technology solutions than ever. Fortunately for you, FRII’s experts can help you figure out which solutions best fit your needs. Whether you need to connect multiple sites in multiple locations, need support technicians to answer your customers’ calls, need to design a network infrastructure for your business, or have any of a myriad of other network or support needs, FRII can help. Our offerings include :

  • Enterprise Consulting
  • Network Consulting
  • Network Operations Center (NOC)
  • Solutions Personalized Services

Why choose FRII when you need unique technology solutions?

FRII saves you time by helping you do it right the first time.

You’re busy. You don’t have time to do a project twice. If you use FRII’s consultants or professional technicians and engineers, your project will be done right the first time. You won’t have to spend your time on the phone or writing emails to try to get things done; our professionals will stay in touch with you. You can spend your time focused on the other aspects of your business.

FRII keeps your money in your wallet. You have enough costs.

You don’t want to worry about spending more than you should on your technology solutions. You need quality solutions at a reasonable cost. That’s why when we help you create a solution, we treat your budget the way we’d want ours treated. You want everything you need, without extras you won’t use. At FRII, we understand that. We’re a home-grown business, too, still run by the guys who started it in 1995. We’ll be as conscious of your budget as we are of our own, without sacrificing effectiveness or service.

FRII gives you peace of mind that you’re working with experts you can trust.

You want the people you work with to be experienced, to understand your business’s unique needs. With FRII, you’ll have that. Our consultants and technicians don’t just have training, certifications, and degrees, they have real-world experience. That means they can help you determine what you really need, and how to make it work for you. And because they’ll always let you know why they’re making the recommendations they are, you’ll be able to make decisions that work best for you.


you need technology solutions you can count on.
FRII can do that.

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