Depending on what your MailArmory domain administrator set for your digest frequency, you may wish to change how often you receive a summary of your quarantined messages that were captured by MailArmory. To change the frequency of your individual digest, follow these steps:

  1. Log in at in your web browser.
  2. Click the Settings tab.


  3. Adjust Delivery Frequency or other options to meet your needs.


Add or Remove Whitelist or Blacklist Entries

  1. Log in at in your web browser.
  2. Click the Policies tab.


  3. Click the Filter by Sender section to expand it.
  4. Add or remove whitelist (Friends) or blacklist (Enemies) entries in the appropriate section by clicking the green plus or red X button, respectively.
    • LightBulb.png Domain whitelist or blacklist entries should be added in the form domain.tld. For example,


  5. You can also view your domain level whitelist or blacklist entries by click the Friends or Enemies link below each section.

Adjust Filtering by Message Type

  1. Log in at in your web browser.
  2. Click the Policies tab.


  3. The Filter by Message Type will show you three severity levels.


  4. Adjust policies by message type based on your needs.
    • Note that your MailArmory domain administrator may lock some of these settings at the domain level such that they cannot be changed by individual users. If you need to make an adjustment that is currently locked, contact your MailArmory domain administrator.

Red Zone - Potentially Dangerous Mail

Adjust settings as needed.


Yellow Zone - Suspicious Mail

Adjust settings as needed.


Foreign Languages

To add filtering for foreign languages, follow these steps:

  1. Select the language.
  2. Select the message action.
  3. Click the green plus button to add.


Message Attachments

Add New Attachment Extension

To add a new file attachment extension type, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the file extension.
  2. Select the message action.
  3. Click the green plus button to add.


Adjust Existing Message Attachment Actions

To change the action of an existing attachment file extension type, right click the extension to change its behavior.


Green Zone - Junk Mail

By default, junk mail messages will be "marked up" by adding an additional note in the subject of the message; by default this text will be "ADV:".


To adjust the default behavior, select a new behavior in the drop-down menu or adjust the subject tag to something of your choosing.

Change Password for Domains Using Local Authentication

Already Signed In

If you are already signed in, follow these steps to change your password:

  1. Click the Change Password button in the top right corner.


  2. Enter your exiting password, new password, and confirm the new password. Then click Save.


Forgot Password

If you have forgotten your login password, follow these steps to recover your MailArmory login password:

  1. Visit in your web browser.
  2. Click Forgot Password.


  3. Enter your email address in the Email box and click Send Password.


  4. You will then receive an email with your current password.

Change Password for Domains Authenticating to Mail Server

For domains configured in MailArmory to authenticate with your email account login password, you will need to contact your IT department or mail server administrator to request a password change.

The new MailArmory front end can be accessed in a web browser at, which is configured to redirect to the new login panel.

MailArmory Users can log in here [link to:].

MailArmory Administrators can log in here [link to:].