What is the Cloud?

We have all seen the TV commercials boasting about the speed and reliability of the cloud, but what s it really? Essentially, the cloud is nothing more than an abstract idea for hosting files on the Internet. Put another way, … Read More

People still use dial-up?

Although called dial-up, a dial up connection is actually calls out through your computer, not a rotary phone. When FRII started in 1995, all of our customers were dial-up users. There was no broadband. And we still have many customers … Read More

What is Wi-Fi?

It's easy to understand why people use the terms Wi-Fi and Wireless Internet for the same thing. And, while both are wireless, they usually refer to different services. We talked about Wireless Internet two weeks ago. This week we'll look … Read More

Why is my Internet so slow?

Bandwidth. The data world's equivalent to Black Gold. With life migrating to the digital world more and more everyday, everyone is fighting to get their worth of this prized resource. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) promise faster and faster speeds to … Read More