When Natural Disasters Strike: The Importance of Disaster Recovery Preparation

When Natural Disasters Strike: The Importance of Disaster Recovery Preparation

Disaster recovery capability can be critical in many scenarios— everything from an equipment failure to a cyber attack. However, as we’ve seen with the recent devastating floods in Texas and Louisiana caused by Hurricane Harvey, natural disasters pose the biggest challenge to business continuity. The safety of the people impacted by the storm is, of course, everyone’s top priority. But as the flood waters recede, companies must resume operations. It's crucial that they meet business obligations and continue to pay and support their employees.

A Brief History of Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery first became a concept in the late 1970s. Computer operations managers at the time began to recognize how critical computers and data were to a company’s success. Soon, the disaster recovery industry began to form. It provided backup computer centers that could be brought online when the mostly mainframe computers of the day went down—often for days at a time.  

As real-time processing became more common in the 1980s and 1990s, disaster recovery capability became even more critical. In fact, some industries found themselves bound by regulations mandating that organizations have a business continuity plan. Today, disaster recovery is very advanced, as you would expect with businesses being reliant on computers in almost every aspect of their operations.

Preparing for the Unknown

In order to be prepared for a natural disaster or any other scenario that threatens to take a business offline, disaster recovery experts like FRII provide clients with a range of services to keep them operational, including:

  • Colocation
  • Dedicated servers
  • Virtual private servers
  • Redundant power connections
  • Redundant internet connections
  • Multiple onsite backup generators
  • Business continuity suites

At FRII, we’re very fortunate that our location in Fort Collins, Colorado is not subject to many types of natural disasters. Tornadoes, heavy flooding, and seismic events are uncommon here. And, hurricanes are not a factor. However, we have the technology and the strategies in place to keep our customers operational in the face of just about any event.

Our location is one of the reasons that our business continuity suites are so valued by our clients. While they are rarely needed, knowing that there is a safe, secure place you can go to oversee company operations in an emergency provides a tremendous sense of comfort.

Wishing a Rapid Recovery for Those Affected by Natural Disasters

As a company that spends a great deal of time and effort thinking about and preparing for disasters of all kinds, our heart goes out to the people and organizations affected by Hurricane Harvey.

For details on our disaster recovery and business continuity services, please visit our website. If you have questions, don’t hesitate Contact Us through our site, stop by our facility, or call us at 800-935-6527.