Colocation Server Hosting Provider: Our Hiring Practices Benefit You

Colocation Server Hosting Provider: Our Hiring Practices Benefit You

The technology that your colocation server hosting company provides is, of course, very important. However, the people behind the offering are just as important. That’s why when FRII has an open position, we only make an offer to the most skilled and hardest-working IT professionals in the business.

Qualities of an Exceptional Colocation Server Hosting Company Team Member

To ensure that our clients get the best possible service and support from our staff, here are the qualities we look for in new hires and expect of our existing team members:

  • Commitment to issue resolution. Whether it’s a technical problem or an operational question about something like billing, our team members take full responsibility for ensuring you get the answers you need. Any issue that arises is attentively managed until it is resolved.
  • Respect for clients and coworkers. Being respectful is the cornerstone of excellent service. Every member of our staff understands this and treats clients and coworkers as collaborators working toward a common goal.
  • Technical expertise and a desire to learn. The technology used by a colocation server hosting company continually changes. That’s why we hire people who not only have technical expertise today, but who are eager to learn more as technology grows tomorrow.
  • Attention to detail. They say “the devil is in the details” and nowhere is that more true than IT. The ability to catch the smallest of discrepancies quickly and make a correction is key to delivering outstanding customer service.
  • Excellent communication skills. Understanding our technology and a client’s needs is not enough. It’s critical that our team members be able to communicate effectively with the client and with one another.
  • Logic and creativity. Having a logical mind is crucial in IT, but being creative is also important when it comes to finding the optimal solution for a client’s issue.
  • Time management and prioritization. Being skilled in managing your time and prioritizing your tasks means you can maximize both the quantity and quality of your work without hurrying.
  • Humility. The willingness to acknowledge that you don’t have the expertise or background to resolve a particular issue is important. So is being comfortable asking for assistance. The truth is that knowing your limits is a strength; hiding them is a weakness.

Hiring the Best so We Can Provide the Best Service

Our ongoing mission at FRII is to be the best colocation server hosting company in Colorado. To achieve that goal, we hire the best of the best in IT. Learn more about our services using the Contact Us form on our website, stopping by our Fort Collins facility or calling us at 800-935-6527. We look forward to talking with you!